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    Check Out What HPS Customers Have To Say About Our Products!

    For those people who have trouble curbing their appetite I can tell you after 2 days this stuff (Lipøshield) is legit af in that regards.
    - Fred; New York

    I don’t get it I’ve never consistently ate this many carbs. 6-8 caps per day right now and I’m losing weight inadvertently.
    -Ryan; Wisconsin

    Glycøshield turned my pre workout pizza into a pump...I started off with rear delts and they were sticking out like shelves by the time I moved on to medial delts
    - Adam; Missouri

    “My biggest surprise (with Lipøshield) is the appetite suppression was near immediate. By this time of day I'm near death HANGRY and here it is lunch time and I'm maybe feeling like I  could eat soon.”
    Eddie; Connecticut

    “With Glycøshield, I feel like my pre workout carb meals don’t weigh me down anymore.”
    Nick; New York




    “I was so pumped by the end of this workout. Every time I use Glycøshield pre workout with carbs, the pumps are definitely better and noticeable right from my warmup sets!”
    Chris; Texas

    “This is the best I've felt taking a GDA. I haven't taken many but I tried one popular one I saw on Anabolic Minds and it ruined my stomach and made me feel really bloated but GlycoShield is legit!”
    Matt; Michigan

    Working at the mall is rough because I’m constantly eating from the food court during my breaks but the Shielded Stack has helped cut down the cravings and I’ve even lost some weight!
    Carolyn; Connecticut

    I had a pretty bad month in terms of diet in February, but literally 0 weight gain, and since March has rolled around I have been cutting and seeing great results. The Shielded Stack is really pretty amazing and I will definitely be ordering again.
    Haley; Oklahoma

    After a month of using Glycøshield it's been amazing!! Down 5lb while upping my calories 600 cals all from carbs (before I was eating keto so hardly any). I would take 2 capsules 15-20 min before a meal and always feel lighter within a few hours after. Pretty freaking badass product you've made!
    Travis; Michigan

    As a former NFL Athlete and current model and fitness influencer my battle is
    constantly staying photo ready while still being able to live a versatile lifestyle on a daily basis. I’ve tried countless supplements but when I was shared information
    about the Glycoshield and Liposhield stack it was something I was very intrigued by.
    Dale Moss, Fashion Model/Former NFL Wide Receiver; NYC

    “The Lipøshield and Enduralean Stack really seem to give me laser focus while working out, and sticking to my meal plan is VERY easy.”
    Richard; PA